About Herspace

Welcome to Herspace. A massage therapy studio dedicated to serving women and their families.

As a mother, it is hard to maintain my stress levels and find time to myself. Between working and caring for a home and family, it is almost impossible to clear a time and space for myself. How could we possible be mothers without caring for ourselves? Herspace was created with that in mind. Finding a space and time solely for you. My knowledge of the body stems from years of work in the medical massage work and spas. I have worked in many well-known New York City spas such as the Four Seasons, Park Hyatt and Cowshed Spa. I have years of experience as a Spa Director and a consultant for Amsterdam Hospitality Group and La Mer. My expertise is in rehabilitation and relaxation techniques. I am trained in various therapeutic massage and bodywork including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, reflexology, lymphatic, Thai massage and pre/post-natal massage.

Jeanette Carlo CMT,LMT
Founder of Herspacemassage